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In an era of disruption, strategy is more important than ever. We offer creative solutions that have helped numerous companies across geographies and sectors to develop and execute winning strategies. We’ve been a strategy thought leader for nearly five decades, and we bring unrivaled capabilities, tools, technologies, and talent to every engagement, augmented by an ecosystem of best-of-breed partners that provide specialized expertise. We’ll help you mobilize for change, navigate uncertainty, and flex as needed, so you achieve sustained, profitable growth—a feat only 1 in 11 companies manages to pull off.

How can we help

Corporate Strategy:

A great corporate strategy combines five elements: a bold yet realistic ambition, a carefully considered portfolio of assets, smart financial choices, a keen understanding of your “parenting advantages,” and, ultimately, a transformation roadmap that specifies the actions and decisions that will get you where you want to go. We integrate these five elements, paying close attention to the role that finance plays, including access to capital, risk management, building M&A capabilities and more.  The result is a clear plan of action to reach your goals, with the ability to flex in response to technological disruptions, changing customer needs and other factors.

M&A Strategy

Your M&A strategy should be a logical extension of your growth strategy, and should be based on a disciplined and repeatable model that supports frequent, ever larger deals. 








Our industry-leading work spans corporate strategy, private-equity investing and related disciplines. With more than 9,000 projects completed across virtually all industries and geographies we bring unparalleled experience and expertise to every facet of M&A consulting.

We'll work with you to:

  • Advise on strategy and screening, due diligence, integration, divestitures and separations, joint ventures/alliances, corporate finance, and much more.

  • Apply a comprehensive set of best-in-class diagnostics, frameworks, proprietary benchmarks and other analytics tools and capabilities to guide target prioritization and screening, integration workflows and other essential elements of successful M&A.

What to Expect?

See the big picture

Articulate your aspirations, size the growth gap, align M&A strategy with your overall strategy, decide where to invest and divest, and prioritize opportunities

Create a repeatable model

Define objectives and sources of value, develop an M&A program based on frequency, size and timing of deals, and build the team and processes that support consistent deal making

Build Critical capabilities

Generate a full list of targets, develop a screening framework, create an M&A roadmap and devise a plan to approach targets and build relationships

Rethink risk versus safety

Understand the realities of scale versus scope, and why scale is not necessarily safe and scope is not necessarily risky

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We work with ambitious leaders who want to define the future, not hide from it. Together, we achieve extraordinary outcomes.

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