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Our Story

HLTP Corp is engaged in delivering diversified business solutions to various industries spanning globally. With humble beginnings of our sister company, Wephyre Consultants, in technology services, our immense expertise in the IT industry enables us to not only deliver technological solutions to businesses but in doing so, we have garnered intelligent insights that have helped us in having a better understanding of businesses globally, which motivates us in thinking, what more can we do to serve businesses and ease the process of conducting proceedings.

By doing so we have moved a step closer towards our vision of serving the domestic as well as international businesses, by providing not only technical services but services, that would provide ease and value in other domains as well.


We believe that in providing complete business solutions, a balance is necessary for having expertise over technology, management ethics, and compliances. And now, more than ever, we feel confident, in acknowledging that having a diverse and skilled pool of talented professionals in the domain of technology, market research, branding, financial services and Artificial Intelligence, is necessary and this makes us not only capable but also confident in serving our clients, by providing them with quality and satisfactory business solutions.

Speaking of which, we are into the business of providing consulting services to overseas businesses that help them in expanding their businesses in India and establishing it as a trusted brand in the world’s fastest-growing economy.

In accordance with our belief, the established fact is that now is the best time to take full advantage of the Indian economy, and have an early mover advantage to test out the full potential of the economy.

We believe that a business is in its full efficiency when it is focused on the core aspect of it, which is, to put efforts into the manufacturing and strategizing the proceedings. And leave other formalities, compliances, regulations, protocols, and laws on a professional organization, that is not only familiar with the laws and factors governing the above-mentioned aspects, but also has the experience in the proceedings that produce results in highest efficiency.

This is where we come in, as we assist businesses from the very first steps. From providing updated market research & insights, to helping the companies in registering themselves in India as a limited or privately held entity, keeping the records of their compliances, complete taxation assistance, accounting services, helping the businesses in setting up their manufacturing plants (if any needed) as per the government regulations, providing HR services, office space lookup, executive search, online and offline branding support, lead generation and marketing analytics.


Not only this, since we have our roots in the technology service background, we have geared up ourselves in the technology domain as well. This is where we have a healthy balance in providing solutions in not only business areas, but also looking at the problem/situation analytically.


From the development of business websites, e-commerce solutions, to customize product development across mobile and desktop platforms, we also have expertise in providing Data science consulting, by implying the power of artificial intelligence, to produce more discrete and accurate results, that provide valuable insights. Not only this, we help startups and MNCs in providing IT audits, CTO services, tech support, and mainframe support.

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