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IT Audit & Compliance

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To enable our clients to make prudent recruitment decisions, our Executive Search Consultants provide customized solutions by employing strategies and tactics based on years of experience utilizing proven data-driven models of recruitment success. We align our recruitment delivery processes with your business strategy thereby eliminating wastage, and optimizing resources & processes to deliver the highest level of quality and efficiency.

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Global cyberattacks have risen exponentially over the past decade, be it conglomerates or startups, it's been a rough decade for the Cyber security aspect of busineses and institutions.

Knowing the fact that data is the most valuable entity in today's day and age, even surpassing Gold, and that major portion of money is stored digitally than being physically present, it's now more than ever, that institutions and businesses have dedicated resources to not only come out of data breaches, but also to be prepared for the upcoming methods and nitty gritty of the ways hackers find their way into a network.


Taking a real world example of the wilrds second largest growing economy, India has been the second most cyber attacks affected country between 2016 to 2018, according to a new Data Security Council of India (DSCI) report. The average cost for a data breach in India has risen 7.9% since 2017, with the average cost per breached record mounting to INR 4,552 ($64).

There have been numerous cases for cyber security breach resulting from Aadhaar data from various government websites and also compromising user data by known private companies like JustDial, EarlySalary, Zomato, FreshMenu, Ixigo to name a few.


Our cyber security experts team help you manage your information security by preserving confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of your applications using our industry knowledge of implementation of ISO27001 Framework for Information Security Management System.

We identify the assets and potential vulnerabilities, risks and threats and generate a risk mitigation plan with your team.

Our Services include but not limited to :

  1. Assessment of your Information Security Management System (ISMS) based on ISO27001 standards.

  2. Network Vulnerability Assessment

  3. Network Application Assessment

  4. Network Penetration Testing

  5. Access Management Assessment

  6. Website and Web Applications VAPT

  7. Mobile App VAPT

  8. Gap Analysis

  9. Email Server Assessment

  10. Malware Assessment



IT general controls (ITGC) are the basic controls that can be applied to IT systems such as applications, operating systems, databases, and supporting IT infrastructure. The objectives of ITGCs are to ensure the integrity of the data and processes that the systems support. The most common ITGCs are as follow:

Logical access controls over applications, data and supporting infrastructure.

  • Program change management controls

  • Backup and recovery controls

  • Computer operation controls

  • Data center physical security controls

  • System development life cycle controls


We assist organizations in designing ITGC frameworks and providing operating effectiveness assurance.

Our dedicated IT audit professionals have experience working with a wide variety of industries of all sizes. We partner with you to provide a comprehensive ITGC coverage to manage and mitigate ITGC risks within your IT environment. Our ITGC services will be tailored to the organization’s risk appetite and compliance requirements.


With a large number of skilled and seasoned IT Auditors on-staff, we are able to tailor IT audit plans and deliver results that are designed to mitigate the most critical risks to your organization. Our staff also delivers the utmost integrity, objectivity, confidentiality, and independence required by the auditing standards.




Companies grow from small organization of few people to bigger organization, initially they enter into agreements either on their customer templates or agree to customer demands to win contracts. However, over a period of time these companies develop their processes become more seasoned, however still end up providing support to their old contracts.

When one organization take over another organization, they would like to review the existing client contracts, terms, IT commitments, IT risks, penalties on not providing agreed services and compliances.

  • We help companies to review their existing IT contracts Risks e.g.

  • Client specific service levels

  • Named Technologies

  • Asset Solutions, License Ownership and Obligations

  • Compliance and Contractual Obligations

  • Bandwidth, billing and payment models

  • Reseller Agreements

  • Limitation of Liabilities

  • Type of Software Licenses

  • Cloud Agreements

  • Data Privacy and Protection/GDPR Compliance

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